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Colorado – Solar Incentives & Resources

Colorado – Solar Incentives & Resources

Save money by installing solar panels in Colorado.

Frequently Asked Questions

What incentives are available for residential solar?


  • Net Metering
  • State Property Tax Exemption
  • State Sales Tax Exemption
  • Colorado homeowners may have access to the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
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Does CO offer a state tax credit? 

A: No. Colorado does not offer a personal, state tax credit for solar at this time.

Does CO offer a solar sales or property tax exemption?

A: Colorado offers both a property and sales tax exemption. This exempts homeowners that install solar from acquiring increased state tax liability due to an increase in home value from a solar installation and also can limit potential soft costs associated with solar sales tax.

Does CO offer a rebate?

A: There is not a solar rebate in the three utility territories Palmetto operates in. However, Xcel Energy does have the Solar Rewards Program which pays homeowners $0.005/ kWh on an annual basis for 10 years. Black Hills Energy provides a similar incentive but selects only a few customers in a lottery-type system. For this reason, we will not be including the Black Hills Solar PBI incentive in Alchemy. 

Does CO have a Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) market?

A: There is not much of a REC market in Colorado because the industry has traditionally outpaced the State’s RPS goals driving down SREC price signals.

Which financial products does Palmetto offer?

A: Loan (LoanPal, Sunlight) and cash payment options are available in CO.

Solar Panel Cost in Colorado

Average solar panel cost Colorado

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Average payback period, savings, and cost of a 5 kW system

The number of years to recover your solar energy investment. (for a 5 kW System).

11.24 Years

20-year savings comparing total cost vs. utility cost for the same amount of electricity, including all costs, incentives, and inflation. (for a 5 kW system)


The price of the system on a per-Watt basis. (for a 5 kW system)


Colorado Solar Incenctives & Rebates

  • Many Colorado homeowners still have access to full 1:1 net metering 
  • The State also offers a 100% property tax exemption for any increased home value due to the installation of solar and a 100% sales tax exemption
  • Finally, Colorado homeowners may have access to the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
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Colorado Electric Utilities

Check with your local utility company for:

  • Incentive Programs
  • Net Metering Policy
  • Maximum System Size
  • Maximum Power Offset
  • Other Requirements

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Eligibility & Redemption

Solar incentives apply to eligible residential customers. 

Incentive programs are offered and administered by government agencies. 

Eligibility and availability vary and are outside of Dean Solar’s control. 

Most programs are limited to a total dollar amount that can be dispersed or will expire on a certain date. 

Be sure to visit the program’s website for the most up-to-date information on availability, eligibility, and redemption requirements.

Your eligibility for income tax credits depends on your personal tax situation. 

Dean Solar recommends speaking with a tax professional for guidance.